Colonoscopy Explained.

A colonoscopy is an examination of the large bowel with a flexible telescope. It is performed to investigate bleeding, change in bowel habit and abdominal pain. It is used as a screening tool in patients with a family history of colon cancer which is cancer of the large bowel.

Type of procedure

You will require a bowel preparation to empty the bowel of faecal contents. You will have sedation with an anaesthetist while the procedure is performed. It is a day procedure.

Colonoscopy Complications

There are very few complications. There is a risk of perforation of 1 in 1000. There is a risk of bleeding is a polypectomy is performed of 1 in 2000.

There is the occasional problem of a failed colonoscopy due to looping, long colon, or scarring for diverticular disease.

This will result in a failed procedure. A CT colonography will be arranged and Dr Allison will ring you with regard to the results. For more information or to ask a question please use our CONTACT PAGE.

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